Ding Shiwei | Meteor Sonata

16-20, March 2016
Holland Animation Film Festival, Central Museum, Utrecht, Holland.

Exhibition Introduction

DING Shiwei’s project Meteor Sonata will be shown in Tuinzaal Centraal Museum, Utrecht, Holland. The invitation-only exhibition by Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) is curated by Gerben Schermer, and is open from 16-20, March.

Every year HAFF presents Expanding Animation, a program devoted to animated installations. The combination of the possibilities of animation film and three-dimensional art yield a unique imagery and a presentation on its own. Get acquainted with ingenious applications of animation as an art form that fires the imagination and a technique that makesanything possible. The other participating artists include Leilei & Thomas Sauvin, Geng Xue, Erdal Inci, Stuart Pound, Robbie Cornelissen and Han Hoogerbrugge.

Exhibition View

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