6-channel video installation

Edition of 6+ 1 AP

METEOR SONATA, a video Installation, has 738 groups of sequence photographies, consisting of 14464 animated images, which will be projected on over 6 joined and synchronized screens, and display approx. A thousand of individually cross-section cut and photographed branch nodes of every two adjacent branches or trunks of a dead standing tree in my hometown. All these cross section cut sequence photographies are from a complete dead tree. During its growth period, slender twigs continuously reached out, and the branch nodes grew and increased to hundreds. A dead old tree is a metaphor, revealing the process of a life entity, from birth, growth, development, senility to death. Each node becomes one of the countless choices of life journey. Also branches of every two nodes and the cross section which records time form unique life segment. The trace of life —— tree ring is peacefully attached to the cross section. Perhaps, we can see from this angel, these cut sequences unveil a specific and transient life entity.