@ Port

25 May, 2018-2 June, 2018
China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

Exhibition Introduction

There are two works in my exhibition booth.

The first one is the selected work before viewing the space.

A quickly turning mechanic arm holds the SCM which controls its movement. This piece of works connects various topics such as control, power, machine, people, Cyborg and monument, which presents a plural and open-semantic site in the minimalism way.

This is a preset performance and the actor is a mechanic arm programmed by the artist. The non-stopping frantic twisting has resulted in destructions to different extent in the mainboard and mechanic arm. Finally, the arm was broken and collapsed on the monument-like exhibition platform, concluding the performance with a full stop.

The second one is a temporary piece of works which was set up for the extra space of the exhibition.

The special “public toilet aesthetics” has aroused my interest in space artistic creation. The artist uses four screens of different sizes and forms to play the same set of videos. The main part of the works is a left eye of an asexual person. The four screens are placed in different parts of the exhibition hall and have resulted in four different ways of viewing as well as completely different contexts and connotations.

Exhibition View

Documentary Film

Crazy Till The End | A Documentary Film directed by CHEN Yanxi

A People Without Gender | A Documentary Film directed by CHEN Yanxi