Ding Shiwei | What we talk about when we talk about sea horizon & moon

March 9, 2019-April 21, 2019
One Way Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Press Release

We are pleased to announce the opening of DING Shiwei Solo Exhibition at 4 p.m. on March 9, 2019 at One Way Art Gallery.

Curated by FENG Xi, the exhibition presents DING Shiwei’s latest works completed in a creation cycle of two years. The layout of the exhibition centers the central axis of the gallery, and its linear physical laws enable viewers to perceive the logical order concluded by the artist, in response to the “questions” raised by “questions”.

“What we talk about when we talk about sea horizon & moon?” The question is the starting point of the project, and also a question that the artist wants to ask viewers. This is the origin of the project, and the logic of the question is the beginning as well as the end.

The main exhibition hall on the 1st floor displays five works, with each raising an individual question that forms the mainline of the exhibition context. Among them, the eternal relationship between the gaze at the Moon and the origin of human consciousness, and the order established by the “artificial sea horizon” run throughout the hall. The three works in the small exhibition hall on the 1st floor echo with those in the main hall. In this way, the question is further discussed in groups when the language connections are developed into the logical law of the artist. The installation presented independently on the 2nd floor, which surges endlessly in time, forms a reciprocal intertextual relationship with the project.

The exhibition lasts until April 21, 2019.

Exhibition View

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