The Edge of the Earth

Single Channel Video Installation/65 Inch Transparent LCD/Water Tank/8 Min 44 Sec/Loop/Color/16:9/Slient

Edition of 5+ 1 AP

“When we gaze at the sea horizon, what exactly are we gazing at?” The question is the starting point of the project, and also a question that the artist wants to ask viewers. “Is the sea horizon the edge of the Earth? Is there a vertical break at the edge? Is the world we are living in a plane? Or is it a cube?” To human beings who are newly enlightened, these questions are certainly confusing to them.

The gaze at the sea horizon is relevant to human’s primal imagination of the shape of the world. The recurring landscape, the endless time, the multi-semantic word of “edge”, the superposed relationship of the three has disassociated all the desire, violence and truth in reality, and therefore created a “poetic” scene. Meanwhile, it points to the oldest and most profound philosophical proposition.