Circle and Dandelions

28-Channel Video Installation/17 Inch LCD/4 Min 30 Sec/Loop/Color/16:9/Slient

Edition of 5+ 1 AP

Inspired by Nam June Paik’s work The Moon Is the Oldest TV, the creator collects various images and texts related to the circle from the internet and search engines, and then classifies them logically to create the corresponding animation installation.

The work attempts to explore the connection between human’s gaze at the Moon and the origin of human consciousness. Ever since the budding of human wisdom and consciousness, the gaze at the Moon – the life form or object – has evolved into the thinking of paradox, memory, power, dimension, physiology, economics, religion, art, text, light, etc., and into the infinite connection between nativeness, creation and destruction, all of which have brought about new value intentions and ways of thinking. They are all derived from the shape of “circle” of the full moon, and the multi-channel visuals reflect the class consciousness of modern civilization. The creator attempts to interpret the evolution and progression of original human consciousness that stem from the Moon over the long period, and peer into the link and connection between the initial memories of human beings and the present world.