Emerging Knowledge

Installation/Magnetic Levitation/Painting On Canvas/250*250*20 cm,282*282*20 cm

Edition of 5+ 1 AP

It imagines that the sea horizon has a cubic boundary. With the gazing at the horizon comes the primal imagination of the Earth as a cube. The visual experience of the wax and wane of the Moon is also applied to the gazing, which has generated human’s initial cognition that the Moon is a sphere.

In the installation, a square painting depicts a vortex in the sea, with a cube floating in the center, while a circular painting presents a swirling in the sky, with a sphere floating in the center. This is the inspiration of nature to human, which reversely contributes to the perfection and classicalization of human cognition of the two shapes. If the sea horizon were curvy and the Moon were diamond-shaped, would human still regard a square and a circle to be perfect?