Ding Shiwei | Daybreak

23 July, 2016-31 August, 2016
Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China

Press Release

We are honored to announce that Mr.Ding Shiwei’s solo exhibition Daybreak will open in Beijing Art NowGallery on 23 July, 2016. This first solo exhibition of the artist in Beijingwill last until 31 August, 2016.

By combiningsymbols and experience, Ding Shiwei focuses on social conflicts and paradoxesthat are difficult to express, and sees clearly the prejudice and habits inknowledge and experience. The contrasting expressions in his works — such asviolence and poem, outpouring and whispering, boldness and subtlety — havecreated a paradoxical gaming scene full of symbols and metaphors, and reflect thediverse perspectives and complicated mentality of the artist.

Ding Shiwei’s works are usually expressed by projects. In this exhibition he will present his project work Utopia,a follow-up to his solo exhibition Disparate Illusion in Shanghai last year. This exhibition will display three major pieces of Ding created after 2013, namely Double Act (2013), Goodbye, Utopia (2014) andDaybreak (2013-2016), a set of installation pieces created tailored to the hall.

Daybreak is the first drop of sunlightof the day, marking the shift of day and night. It does not only representchanges of the time and state, but also indicates Ding’s intention to tacklethe constraint in his life, a display of his attitude towards artistic creationand the meaning of life. This is also the first solo exhibition of the artistin Beijing. Daybreak is an attitude as well as expectation.

Exhibition View

Documentary Film

Daybreak | A Documentary Film for DING shiwei`s Solo Exhibition, directed by CHEN Yanxi